British Shipwreck Survivor Emma Tryon opens up
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One Year After The Shipwreck This time last year I was still in the throws of trauma having survived a boat crashing violently into an offshore reef in the depth of the night, miles from the coast. Even now, when … Read More

Pete & Emma Tryon British shipwreck disaster survivors with Bear Grylls
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Meeting Bear Grylls and taking a sneaky peaky behind the scenes at the BBC  Have you ever wondered what it is really like behind the scenes at somewhere like the BBC? Pete and I got a phone call asking us … Read More

Shipwrecked and stranded off the coast of Panama
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Shipwrecked and stranded off the coast of Panama The Darien gap between Columbia and Panama is renowned for drug traffickers and kidnappings. So, surely, a licensed, rather pricey boat trip with an international company is a better option, right? Pete … Read More