China’s BEST Temples
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   I’ll throw a few DO’s in with the DONT’s, but when it comes to Photography you may decide it is indeed mostly DON’TS with me…Chinas BEST Temples 1. Songzanlin Temple Often dubbed as the mini Potala Palace, this mysterious … Read More

China’s Giant Panda’s: How to get to the Giant Panda Sanctuary in Chengdu
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China’s Giant Panda’s: Where to see, how to volunteer, what they cost to hold Get to Grips Deeply adorable and totally daft, these cuties are worth seeing. If you visit the Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Centre you get to … Read More

Crazy Dangerous Mount Hua Shan In Xian China
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The day I nearly killed myself ‘Now, that’s a LOVELY name for a blog’ But I DID actually nearly kill myself out of letting shear fear take over! I always thought I was O-K with heights; it turns out I was … Read More

Understanding China through its food
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Understanding China through its food After seven years of hilarious and haphazard travel through many weird and wonderful countries China seems to me to be furthest from my own culture. I am from Sheffield in England. After two years in China the … Read More

How to get to Mount Hua Shan plank walk
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 How to get to Mt. Hua Shan’s Plank Walk, Xi’an, China China, Xi’an, Mt. Hua Shan, route down to the plank walk How to get to Mount Hua Shan plank walk  Get to Grips Mt. Hua Shan is one of … Read More

How to get to the White Siberian Tiger Park Harbin China
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 How to get to the White Siberian tiger park in Harbin China, Harbin, White Siberian Tiger Park   Get to Grips  The White Siberian Tiger Park in Harbin gets mixed reviews, there is some evidence of care, but it is not … Read More

How to get to Harbin Ice Festival China
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How to get to Harbin Ice Festival China China, Harbin Ice and Snow Festival Get to Grips The main park which is truly sensational by night is known as Snow and Ice World It truly is a magical winter wonderland … Read More

The best things to do at Harbin Ice Festival
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Wrap up warm and hurtle back to childhood whatever your age! Harbin is a magical, surreal wonderland during the ice festival season and we would love to help you make the most of it.  Here are the Globemad top picks… 1. … Read More