Things you must know before visiting Cambodia
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Things you must know before travelling Cambodia     Books you should read before you go I truly believe that reading about the country you are about to visit helps you to connect with it on a deeper level, spot … Read More

Nepal: The truth of what happens after the news dies down
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Nepal: The truth of what happens after the news dies down   Kissing, gardening, revising, exercising, eating, bathing, praying, reading, gaming, sleeping, laughing with friends, making a cup of tea; what might you have been doing the moment the earth … Read More

Volunteering at Senda Verde
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Volunteering at Senda Verde   Senda Verde is a uniquely special place where a true harmony between animals and people is reached. You can be a significant part of making a much needed difference for animals recused from trafficking. Each … Read More

The Noah’s Ark of Bolivia
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 The Noah’s Ark of Bolivia A beautiful Bolivian couple with a passion for humans and animals to live in harmony founded a little heaven on earth and named it Senda Verde. In response to the desperate need for animals to … Read More

China’s Giant Panda’s: How to get to the Giant Panda Sanctuary in Chengdu
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China’s Giant Panda’s: Where to see, how to volunteer, what they cost to hold Get to Grips Deeply adorable and totally daft, these cuties are worth seeing. If you visit the Chengdu Panda Breeding and Research Centre you get to … Read More