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About | Globemad

 About time we started sharing our travel experience!

The one with stubble is Pete, the one with less stubble and blond hair is Emma, we are genuinely stoked to connect with you! 7 years in to nomadic intrepid travel, we are finally fighting our inner technophobe to embrace sharing our adventures with you.

We are part of epic globe, populated by fascinating cultures made up inspirational individuals that we believe will impact you beyond words. We want to inspire you to see and experience the globe for the beautiful place it is. Ironically, Blogs are mostly words, but we hope with a few photos and pictures thrown in we can genuinely inspire you to look for adventure everywhere and perhaps even start to plan something a little more far flung…

Let’s Connect Before We Forget



About | You You You

 Globemad is all about YOU!

We write to help you connect with the countries that interest you.

Whether you’re on the road, building up to your own far-flung adventure or just love how inspirational browsing through the world can be; grab a cuppa and come and join us... 








We are working away on writing up some of the worlds best kept secrets and adventures.

It feels uber exciting to start writing about our adventures past and present and we hope that by sharing some of our daftest stories, YOU will see that anyone can travel! We would love you to become part of our Adventure AND feel inspired to look for Adventure all around you.


We are working flat out whilst on our travels to build as much inspirational and useful info as we can.

We will share most things on social media, but if you want to be the first in the know then you can subscribe (Free of course!)

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SO, grab that cuppa and lets escape together ...

About | The Blogs


Our Naked blogs are all about being open and honest. We share the good, the bad, the ugly, the disastrous and downright embarrassing!!!







Pete is working towards being the world’s biggest GEEK (some of you may say he already is!) He is excitedly looking for science all around the world and making mini movies that capture the adventure of science!

Globemad Geek is aimed at those who like to learn new things about the world AND for Teachers and Students of Science; so if you know anyone who fits this description, please share this with them.

For a taste of the YOU TUBE channel. please check this out this one from Tibet...


Like what you see? Want to learn more about the world we live? If yes, please follow this link to




Crazy-Cultures-BlogCRAZY CULTURES

Our Culture blogs are about digging deep into the fascinating nuances of the people and the world we live in. From escaping a storm to sip yaks milk in a family yurt to the story behind the Padaung long neck tribe in Thailand, we want to invite you into every culture we discover.




Epic-Adventure-BlogEPIC ADVENTURES

Our Adventure blogs pound from planned action pack activities like jumping out of planes and sandboarding down volcanoes to the less planned swimming in glacial waters, sleeping in deserts and hitching through the Tibetan boarders in a skirt.



We hope through sharing our adventures with you, you can see that ANYONE can travel! We do get ourselves into some daft situations!

To be the first to know our latest, greatest and daftest…

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About | Connecting


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