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Renting a bike in Goa

Renting a bike in Goa everything you need to know

One of the best ways to explore Goa is renting a motorbike. Once you are on the road it is a fast, convenient and fun way to zip between towns and beaches and enjoy the unique, laid back vibe of Goa. 

Read on for everything you need to know about renting a bike in Goa.

Renting a bike in Goa

Where can I rent a bike in Goa?

The great news is there are lots of places to rent a bike in Goa and they are easy to spot. If you are staying in a small town there is a good chance it will have a bike rental places even if it is not advertised on the internet.

We rented a bike from Anjuna. The rental place is pinned on the map. It was very relaxed and a good price:


Renting a bike in Goa

How much does it cost to rent a bike in Goa?

It is delightfully cheap to rent a bike in Goa. You can rent a bike for 250 Rupees - 400 Rupees per day ( this is roughly 2.80 - 4.40 GBP or 4.00 USD - 6.00 USD ). If you book ahead on the internet it will cost more than this. The price depends on the rental place and the type of bike you would like to rent. If you are new to bikes it is worth renting an automatic. To get a lower price try bartering, even if there is a printed price. If you are renting for longer you may be able to get a discount.

Renting a bike in Goa

What do I need to rent a bike in Goa?

You will need to leave I.D. as a deposit. Drivers license is generally sufficient. Officially you need an international drivers license to ride a motorbike in Goa, however no one checked when we rented a bike and rode round Goa.

Everything you need to know

How do you get petrol in Goa?

Petrol costs 50-60 rupees per litre from a petrol station (0.50GBP or 0.70USD). Smaller shops may charge more (80 rupees per litre). We found that 3 litres was sufficient for 24 hours exploring quite far.

Top tips: Remember to check the bike carefully before renting, understand the contract (if there is one) and take photos of any damage.

Renting a bike in Goa everything you need to know





Top tips

Renting a car in Goa

If you are not comfortable with the idea of renting a bike in Goa you can also rent cars. There are plenty of car rental places giving you lots of choice.

These two companies are based in Margao and offer a good range of cars at competitive prices:

Car rentals in Goa


Goa Travel Consultancy Service: Goa2u


Expect to pay 800 rupees - 6,000 rupees per day depending on the make, model, age and rental company (9.00GBP - 60.00GBP or 12.00USD - 80.00 USD). You can arrange discounts on the daily rate if you plan to rent for longer periods of time.


Other ways to get around Goa

You can also rent pedal bikes for a relaxed and enjoyable way to explore the towns and beaches of Goa.

Another way to explore Goa is by bus. Local buses run between towns but are not very regular. Buses typically cost 15-20 rupees between towns. Longer journeys may cost 50 rupees or more (0.50GBP or 0.70USD). Shorter journeys are 5-10 rupees.

Renting a bike in Goa

Things to do around Goa by bike

Here are some awesome things to do and see by bike in Goa. They are arranged from north to south to help you plan your route.

1 See the sunset at Chapora fort

Ride up to Chapora in the evening, park your bike near Zoola Lounge, and climb up the hill to Chapora fort. This ancient fort overlooks Vagator beach in Chapora. It is a bit of a walk up to the fort so bring good footwear. Once you are up you get a great view of the area. Entry is FREE.

2 Have a cocktail in a tree house

Park your bike in Anjuna and enjoy Anjuna beach. Keep your eye open for Tantra beach shack hostel. This is a cool place to stay, eat or just have a drink and enjoy the beautiful West facing Anjuna beach.

3 Splash out with water sports

As you ride out of Anjuna you may want to drop in to Explore Water sports Goa. They have a great range of watersports. Check out their website:


4 Cool off at Splashdown water park

This impressive little waterpark has lots of slides and pools to cool down. About 2km east of Anjuna beach. It costs 500 rupees peak times and 400 rupees low season. You will also need 100 rupees for a locker. The water park closes at 6pm.

5 Go karting in Arpora

If you want a change from riding your bike why not mix it up with some go karting? There is a place a short drive down the road from the Splashdown waterpark. Closed on mondays. Open from 4pm-10pm. 300 rupees for 10 laps.

6 Shopping spree in the night markets

Goa has a fantastic range of clothing and jewelry in the night markets. Most towns have night markets. If you are exploring by bike you will be able to zip between markets and fill your bag with goodies. If you’re Arpora check out the saturday night market (near the go karting).

7 Explore the historical buildings of Panaji

RIding a bike through a busy Indian town is exhilarating and terrifying. Panaji is the capital of Goa and is a great place to see some historical buildings such as the beautiful white church of Panaji.

8 Shri Mangeshi Temple

As you leave Panaji ride east on the 748 towards Ponda. The Mangeshi temple is a unique temple about 23km from Panaji. Once you get to Mangeshi temple you can explore the area by bike to discover many more temples.

9 Tropical Spice Plantation

If you want to learn about nature head to the Tropical Spice Plantation. This is a bit of a journey from the beaches, so you may be grateful for your bike. The Spice Plantation is in Kerim. 400 rupees entry fee for adults and 200 rupee entry fee for children. If you are out this way and still crave a nature fix keep heading east to the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary.


10 Take a cooking class

There are several cooking schools around Goa offering you the chance to learn to cook the unique and delicious Goan recipes. If you get to Palolem beach check out Rahul’s cooking school. This cooking class comes highly recommended and has a range of options for different length classes and different menus. It is also a competitive price for cooking classes in the area (1,500 rupees)



Only in Goa....Renting a bike in Goa everything you need to know

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