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2 Responses

  1. Sue
    | Reply

    Really would like your thoughts about Myanmar..if I go it probably will be early 2018…. Need to book time off work and will probably book through a tour operator… Will do things independently. If possible.. Am a 50 something female travelling alone… Thought about Jan Feb 2018… Will it be warm enough… Don’t want to be cold… Will it be busy .. Your comments and idea’s will be very welcome .

    • Globemad Emma
      | Reply

      Hi Sue, Super lovely to hear from you and I am eager to help. I don’t normally reply on the subscribe page, could I ask that you just copy and past the question into http://www.globemad.com/new-myanmar-travel-guide. This way our back and forth will also help others planning. Incidentally, this page has some great stuff to get you started … which may leave you with more or less questions. -very happy to help, just cant run it on this page as it may be confusing to others 🙂 Myanmar is truly wonderful, I think you’ll love it 🙂

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