Top 10 things to do in Scotland
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Top 10 Things to do in Scotland Scotland is a wild, intrepid, beautiful part of the world. Check out our top 10 things to do in Scotland for some ideas and inspiration. Some classics and of course some of our … Read More

Photo Journey of Holi Festival
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A Photo Journey Through Holi Colour Festival This blog is here to inspire you and take you on a journey through Holi festival with us. Photo Journey of Holi Festival We really think that this crazy cool colourful festival should be … Read More

How and where to celebrate Holi festival like a local in India
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The Do’s and Dont’s of Celebrating Holi  celebrate Holi festival like a local in India HAPPY HOLI !!! Holi is a stunningly colourful Hindu festival originating in India, but now celebrated in many places around the world. They tend to … Read More

One Way Ticket
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One Way Ticket Personal stories are hard to write, especially when you know you have really stepped away from the norm in a way that will leave people feeling one of two things. Reading this, I imagine, you will either … Read More

Myanmar photography tour | Sending you postcards
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Postcards from Myanmar Been meaning to send you a few post cards from our adventures… We entered Myanmar by hitching to the border from Thailand. As soon as we crossed over and began to explore, we new we were stepping … Read More

Trekking deep into a Volcano to Explore the Blue Lava of Java
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Trekking Deep into a Volcano to Explore the Blue Lava of Java BOO !!! Reclining into a tight ball, I blindly clung to an unnervingly hot rock as a thick belt of intense hot gas catalysed an encroaching sensation of … Read More

New Malaysia Travel Guide | Culture | Top Budget Tips
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New Malaysia Travel Guide Malaysia is genuinely one of my favourite countries in the world. Visit and you’ll see why. The people are welcoming, the food is incredible, the nature is beautiful and most things are delightfully cheap. After two … Read More

Things you must know before visiting Malaysia
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Things you must know before visiting Malaysia There really are some things that are REALLY handy to know about a country and culture before you get there.  Things you must know before visiting Malaysia wil get you started. Malaysia is … Read More

Budget Backpackers Guide to Bagan
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Best Budget Backpackers Guide to Bagan Bagan is kinda a BIG deal!  It really isn’t overrated, don’t miss it! There are more than 2,200 temples some dating back as early as the 11th century. As Bagan is one the places people … Read More

Why YOU MUST Trek from Inle Lake to Kalaw
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A Journey through a land that time forgot This Trek will blow your mind! Is it the most challenging trek we have ever done? = NO Does it have the best views we have ever seen? = NO Is it … Read More

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