One Way Ticket
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One Way Ticket Personal stories are hard to write, especially when you know you have really stepped away from the norm in a way that will leave people feeling one of two things. Reading this, I imagine, you will either … Read More

Folk Stories from Myanmar | Cultural Insights
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Fascinating Folk Stories Please grab a cuppa and take time to really connect with this curious culture 3 fascinating folk stories. This really is the kind of genius that only Myanmar could come up with! Myanmar is an eclectic clash of … Read More

Myanmar photography tour | Sending you postcards
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Postcards from Myanmar Been meaning to send you a few post cards from our adventures… We entered Myanmar by hitching to the border from Thailand. As soon as we crossed over and began to explore, we new we were stepping … Read More

An unexpected day in mysterious India
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An unexpected day in India Even the stag hanging out in the palace saw the funny side… India is full of surprises, twists, turns, highs and lows.  Aside from a constant supply of sweet Masala tea, there is very little … Read More

Pete & Emma Tryon British shipwreck disaster survivors with Bear Grylls
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Meeting Bear Grylls and taking a sneaky peaky behind the scenes at the BBC  Have you ever wondered what it is really like behind the scenes at somewhere like the BBC? Pete and I got a phone call asking us … Read More

Shipwrecked and stranded off the coast of Panama
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Shipwrecked and stranded off the coast of Panama The Darien gap between Columbia and Panama is renowned for drug traffickers and kidnappings. So, surely, a licensed, rather pricey boat trip with an international company is a better option, right? Pete … Read More

The truth about ‘the world’s most dangerous road’
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The truth about ‘the world’s most dangerous road’ The truth about death road is that although it is truly dangerous to mountain bike down and you should not take this venture lightly; it is actually the locals on the buses … Read More

Angel Dog
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Angel Dog   When visiting the Atacama Desert for the second time I spent time asking locals about my pervious experience and the mystery just thickened… Around 6 years ago I was staying in the little red dusty town that … Read More