Why I’m grateful that I almost died
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Why I’m grateful that I almost died   We ran it into the common area in the middle of the catamaran to be confronted by utter carnage. We were about knee deep in water with debris floating around, even big … Read More

The best company to bike Death Road with
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No Fear with No Fear NO FEAR are an epic company to go with if you are contemplating the death road by mountain bike. They actually specialise in loads of other awesome adventure tours for intrepid travellers, everything from ice climbing … Read More

Volunteering at Senda Verde
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Volunteering at Senda Verde   Senda Verde is a uniquely special place where a true harmony between animals and people is reached. You can be a significant part of making a much needed difference for animals recused from trafficking. Each … Read More

Shipwrecked and stranded off the coast of Panama
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Shipwrecked and stranded off the coast of Panama The Darien gap between Columbia and Panama is renowned for drug traffickers and kidnappings. So, surely, a licensed, rather pricey boat trip with an international company is a better option, right? Pete … Read More

The Noah’s Ark of Bolivia
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 The Noah’s Ark of Bolivia A beautiful Bolivian couple with a passion for humans and animals to live in harmony founded a little heaven on earth and named it Senda Verde. In response to the desperate need for animals to … Read More

Is it still the Death Road if you survive
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Is it still the Death Road if you survive?? Yes, as not all do! Bolivia has some crazy cool things to do in the name of fun! The Capital, La Paz in particular has some of the most adventures ideas … Read More

The truth about ‘the world’s most dangerous road’
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The truth about ‘the world’s most dangerous road’ The truth about death road is that although it is truly dangerous to mountain bike down and you should not take this venture lightly; it is actually the locals on the buses … Read More

An adventure in the silver mines of Potosi
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Dust, dynamite and devil worship Where on earth can you be both higher and deeper than you have ever been? The answer is in the silver mines of mount Cerro Rico above Potosi. Over 4,000m above seal level Potosi is … Read More

A bite of Bolivia
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A bite of Bolivia Beautiful, bizzar, bitesize Bolivia will never leave you hungry, thirsty or board. The highest cities in the world taste good! Potosi is the highest city and La Paz the highest capital in the world. Both reside … Read More

A photo journey | 4 x 4 adventure travel from Atacama to Salt Flats
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A photo journey | A beautiful adventure from the Atacama to the Salt Flats San Pedro is a picturesque playground on the edge of the Atacama; everything and everywhere makes you feel like you are on another planet. We watched the sun … Read More

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