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Our Favourite Travellers to Follow

Our Favourite Travellers to Follow Globemad adventurous family travel

Who We Love

Who should you be following in the world of travel?

Who you follow affects your own journey, so baby think twice about who you fill your feed with!

Inspirational, hilarious, creative, down to earth and just plane lovely, there are some epic people and communities that we love having in our our digital lives.

Of course only awesome people follow us, so if you’re reading this, that’s you. You’re awesome and we’re excited to have you on our Globe Mad journey with us!

It just so happens that there are more awesome awesome travel bloggers out there…

Bloggers We Love

Solo Travel Bloggers

Just one way ticket | Seb is sassy, colourful, creative and rocking the tropical life. A lot of her of inspirational videos and blogs will have you booking a ticket straight to Asia! Her photography will have you aspiring to the next level too!

The Broke Backpacker | Brace yourself! Will does not mixing his words or pull his punches, which is exactly why you can trust his travel advice. His website is a goldmine for the broke! He goes way beyond just budget tips, his in depth guides are some of the best on the web and they certainly take you to the most far flung places.

Be My Travel Muse | Original, Adventurous and courageous Kristin is leading the way in intrepid female solo travel. You basically come across her when you are typing in an obscure part of the globe that not many others are getting to! This is how we came across her and have been following her ever since.

Adventurous Kate | I just love this girl! She is the first travel blogger I came across and loved. She has the sweetest heart and always wears it on her sleeve. But don’t be too fooled by that sweet smile, she certainly has her cheeky side. Ooo and she also happens to be a fellow shipwreck-eee!

Couple Travel Bloggers

The Planet D | The audacious Mama and Papa of travel

Dave and Deb are a dynamic duo who embody the sweetest blend of being both inspirational and down to earth. Believing that Adventure is for Everyone, they have a heart to inspire and equip everyone to see the world. I adore these guys, if you haven’t come across them yet, go check them out now.

Hopscotch The Globe | These kindred spirits are rocking their way around the world with a vibe that reminds you to love life and live your dreams. Kristen and Siya host an awesome YouTube channel packed with inspiration and top tips. And, as if they couldn't be any more adorable to tune into, they have just adopted a sweet skateboard loving puppy. Yep,

Goats on the road | Nick and Dariece are all about showing you that you can make travel a lifestyle. No matter what your skill base, they have loads of practical tips on how to do this. The real reason we love them is that they are actually intrepid! There are a lot of adventurous travellers out there, but these guys, or should I say goats, really do get off the beaten track!

Family Travel Bloggers

Y Travel | Caz, Craige and their two beautiful daughters are an awesome Aussie family making memories around the world.  Their energy and ideas are infectious. No travel loving parent could read this blog and resist making new and exciting plans to take their mini globetrotters somewhere new and exciting.

Where is the World? | Free spirited Kyla and Randy are raising the sweetest global citizens you will ever come across, Calais and Kacela. This epic family leave conventional travel behind as the delve heart first into the far flung communities they are visiting. Check out the blog and explore with them as they take you to places you won’t find in any family travel brochure.

Travel Babbo | Eric is the inspirational father and photographer behind travel Babbo. I haven’t seen anyone taking travel family photos like him, definitely check out his insta too! Rather sweetly, Babbo is actually what his children started calling him after a trip to Italy. If you read their blog, you’ll fall in love with their family travel ethos and probably start booking tickets.

Travel Websites We love

We are going to do a whole blog on resources we love and use soon, but for now, this should help.

By the way, we do use affiliate links. This means we earn a bit when you book or buy through some of our links. BUT the money comes out of the big companies pocket, not yours! It’s like the bar buying us a drink for hooking you up on a hot date!

Couch Surfing | I LOVE Couch surfing with a passion. There are a few safety considerations to get to grip with, but totally worth it. Both hosting and being hosted have lead to the most authentic travel experiences of my life. If you haven’t heard of it before, get yourself over there, sort a profile out and start hosting or looking for hosts. This BTW is NOT an affiliate link, I just freakin’ love this community! …

Lets Go Wonder | This beautiful family of female travellers started out as a group on Facebook and are now expanding into a website full of everything you need to get yourself equipped for your own travel Adventures. My favourite part of the website so far is the ‘Stories of Wonder’, reallys sparks that wanderlust! Go check it out!

Booking.com | As different companies have different upsides, we actually use quite a variety to book accommodation with. Some have more variety, other have easier interface or more unique options, some have more bizarre locations ect… But Booking.com, in our experiences is always the cheapest, so it’s always worth starting with them first when working out where to take your slumber.

World Nomads Insurance | We have chosen some shocking insurers in the past and will be writing up our mistakes soon. In the end we came round to the fact that World Nomads are popular and a bit more expensive for very good reason. That’s who we go with now, they’re trustworthy, efficient and the company is actually ran by someone who understands and loves travel.

Facebook communities We Love

Family Travel Group (FTG) | This is our baby and it is growing as fast as babies grow! We wanted a place of inspitationa and equipping for families who love travel and want to work out the best way to do it with kids! This group is awesome and pretty much essential for anyone who wants to travel with kids!

Go wonder | This awesome haven is aimed at female travellers. It really is a sweet digital sisterhood where you can ask questions and feel safe. You can get great tips on specific places or chat and get advice on all things travelling as a women. This group seems to attract a more gentle audience than some of the other female travel groups.

Top Travel Tips for Backpackers | This is a growing community of intrepid travellers that like to get off the beaten track, explore beyond the normal tourist spots and of course do it as cheaply as possible!

Instagrammers We Love

@Globemadtravel | First up, If you’re not following us, pleeeease do!  We are merging from solo, to couple to family travel adventures, so we’re getting some pretty fun and unique shots!

top Instagram accounts in travel

@Thebucketlistfamily | I love that the refer to themselves as 4 journalists! They’re the biggest and definitely one of the sweetest traveling families on Instagram

top Instagram accounts in travel

@Lostleblanc | Christian’s Instagram is flawless, inspirational and yet still personal.

top Instagram accounts in travel

@Monkey.inc |  This hyper travel monkey is one of my favourite new girls killing it on the travel scene. Totally worth following her for her bright colours, sweet heart and infectious love of travel.

top Instagram accounts in travel

@Drewbinsky | This guy is so committed to his followers! HE gets to some awesome places and is on his Insta story everyday sharing his travel experiences.

top Instagram accounts in travel

@Funforlouis | He is that backpacker that you meet and love 

top Instagram accounts in travel

Our Favourite Travellers to Follow Globemad adventurous family travel


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