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First Time Backpacking 

Top Tips and Packing List

The Ultimate backpacking packing list and tips for adventure travel Globemad emma tryon

 Ultimate backpacking packing list and tips for adventure travel 


  • If you can, Go for a Zip open rather than a top-loader – Much easier for day to day living on the road and you can pad lock it.
  • You may want to do a test pack a week or so before you set off!
  • Go light. Most countries will have most of what you need when you get there!

Pete Tryon Globemad Funny Travel T-shirt packing list and tips
Thailand, Bangkok, Koh San Road

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 Ultimate backpacking packing list and tips for adventure travel 

The Ultimate Packing list |


Clothes |

Undies x 7 | You do get through them quick even when you’re hand washing.

Good walking socks x 2 | If you plan to do any decent trekking, take at least 2 good pairs.

Casual socks x 3 | You know, the laid back kind! – Just whatever suits your style – trainer or long ect.

Pretty and comfortable Bra x 2 and a Sports Bra | Just for the girls!

T-shirts x 2 / 3 | You will most likely want to buy t-shirts when you’re out there! “got the T-shirt”.

Vest tops x 2/3 | Depends on style. I prefer them when it gets really hot.

Jeans/ Chinos/ Cargo pants | Just pick one of these depending your style.

Shorts x 2 | At least one should be for comfort and can double up as sleeping shorts.

A skirt or light dress | Just for the girls!

Long Sleeve Zip up or sweater|

Water Proof jacket | Keep it thin and light, you can always layer up underneath.

Water proof trousers | More if you plan to do some intrepid trekking.

Long sleeve base layer | If you have the money go Marino wool! If not, Decathlon, they have some fab bargains!

Not sure what to get? This blog is perfect, loads of great info: www.thenextchallenge.org/comparison-base-layer-materials

Short sleeve base layer | Pick a style that can double up as a casual t-shirt.

Long sleeve thermal layer | Something thicker, perhaps windproof or a shelled fleece.

Full length base layer trousers | or Long Johns!

Buff | I love my buff! Just so versatile

Swim stuff |


Footwear |

Flip-Flops or sandals |

Comfy light shoes | Vans/ Toms ect

Walking boots | Or a very sturdy trainer/shoe if you don’t plan to trek that much


Toiletries |

Travel Towel |

Wash bag |

Nail clippers / Tweezers / Small scissors |

Razor and mini foam |

Hair bobbles and grips | Surprisingly useful even for guys!

Shampoo/conditioner/body wash | One bottle that acts as all can do the trick. … Girls and boys that like to groom, if you plan to be in the sea a lot, you might want to take some aussie hair rescue!

Tooth Brush and paste | For those close up moments

Sun Screen | Nothing fun about skin cancer!

Mosquito repellent | Beats scratching your skin off or getting malaria!

Hand sanitizer | You may find you don’t use it after a while, but it’s good to use whilst you ease your stomach in.

Moisturiser | Different climates can seem dry and if you do get sun burn you’ll want something soothing!

Deodorant | Boys, please listen to that one!

Tampons | Boys, you may also want to grab a few for your first aid kit! (Girls, you can almost always buy pads, but not always tampons)

Any personal medicines, creams, eye care ect |


Randoms |

Camera | But don’t live your life through a lenses (Rich, coming from a trigger happy travel writer!)

Money belt | The flat subtle ones. … not, I repeat not, a bum bag!

Pad lock x 2 | Strong but with a small head to thread through lockers and your backpack zips.

International Multi Adaptor |

Silk liner sleeping bag | Great for keeping your stuff safe >>>

Cup and a spoon | Two of my favorite items!

Copy of passport |

Passport photos | Boarders are especially fond of these in South East Asia.

Water proof sack | Great for the beach, great for protecting all things electrical in a storm!

Head torch | Great for caving or hands free packing in a dorm at 4 in the morning.

Waterproof watch |

Pocket Knife / multi tool | Unless you’re planning to make your main backpack your carry on for flights.

Mini first aid kit | Each to their own, but you can check out ours here >>>

Sewing kit | From repairing to up-cycling your clothes along the way.

Head phones | Come in handy for skype calls.


Optional things to take |

Kindle/ Pad/ Phone/ I pod |

Tripod |

Scarf | These can often be really nice to buy on the go though.

Mini speakers | It can actually be really nice to have music on the go.

Portable emergency battery | Depends if you can live without electric! Some are solo powered!

Fold up drinks bottle | Genius!

Diary | Great if you want it from day one, but if you don’t, buy one on the road, it can make for a great keepsake.

Pen and paper is great | Old fashioned, but does the trick!

Something to read | A good old fashion book!

Duct tape | Can come in surprisingly handy for repairs and annoying travel buddies!

Hair Scissors | Salon on the go! …what could go wrong!

Compass | We always take one, great for trekking, hitching and sometimes useful for cities!

Mosquito nets | MOST never use them because places with beds that need them, have them.

Hammock with built in mosquito net | A personal favourite for adventures jungle and beach adventures. Can pick one up in Asia quite easily

Climbing shoes | I was happy to have them on my first trip and it saved quite a bit on rental.

Neck pillow |

Eye mask |      

Ear plugs |

Make up | Go light, enjoy the freedom! A bit of lippy and eye liner goes a long way!


Oh and a bag! - If you stick to the list and aren’t 7ft by 3 ft, a 60 litre should be fine. If you find you’re taking more, maybe buy your backpack after you’ll pulled your stuff together and seen how much there is. – But you really don’t need more than this and if you can help it. The place you’re going to, probably has it.


Printable Check list images|

Just click, copy and paste...

The Ultimate backpacking packing list and tips for adventure travel Globemad


The Ultimate backpacking packing list and tips for adventure travel Globemad 

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