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What to pack for trekking the Torres del Paine big W circuit

Torres del Paine hike packing pack globemad

Passport |

For registering at the start of the trek


Camping equipment |


Sleeping bag | Try to match it to the season you trek in.

Sleeping mat | Essential to keep the ground from sapping your body heat.

Head torch | Very useful at night time.

Multi Tool | Useful for everything you don’t expect.


Small cooking stove | preferably for gas cans.

Gas cans | Many can get by with one. Check out our awesome cooking and food tips for the trek >>>

Pan with lid and Handle | The pan can double up as your bowl!

Plate | Optional, you may prefer to save washing and eat out the pan.

Fork, spoon, knife


Lighter & matches | Always have a spare!

Scrubber and some form of soap


Trekking equipment |

Backpack | 50 – 60 Liters

Daypack | It should fit inside your main pack. This will be great for sections where you can leave your main bag at a camp.

Dry sack | Essential for keeping your valuables dry in a storm.

GPS and Compass | The path is predominantly easy to follow, but it may be a good idea take a GPS or compass for if you manage to get a little lost.

Walking Poles | surprisingly important, especially if you are carrying a lot weight. Really do recommend these. You can rent them in Puerto Natales.

First Aid | Plasters, anti-histamine, pain killers ect

Drinking bottle| You can fill up water at refugios and many streams


Gadgets |

A great camera and even mini tripod

A GoPro

A Solar battery charger


Waterproof watch

International Multi Adaptor | You can charge at some of the refugios


Clothes |

Undies x 5

Good walking socks x 5 | Take your best walking socks, and if you don’t have many, put your cheaper normal socks underneath the good ones. – This is good for absorbing sweat, meaning you can utilise your best socks for longer. It can also help reduce blistering

Comfortable Bra x 2

T-shirts x 2 / 3

Vest tops x 2/3

Short sleeve base layer

Long Sleeve Zip up or sweater

Long sleeve base layer

Long sleeve thermal layer

Water Proof jacket |Keep it thin and light, you can always layer up underneath.

Water proof trousers

Full length base layer trousers

Cargo/ hiking pants



Swim stuff



Walking boots



Toiletries |

Travel Towel


Tooth Brush and paste

Sun Screen

Mosquito repellent


Any personal medicines, creams, eye care ect.


Food and drink |

We have put together an epic article on everything you could need to know on what food to take camping. >>>

Food for 5 days hardcore trekking Torres Del Paine

What to pack for trekking the Torres del Paine big W circuit

What to pack for trekking the Torres del Paine big W circuit 

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