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Winning The Liebster Award


Liebster Award Winning  Best Blogger logo inspiration  Globemad Pete and Emma Tryon

So we have actually been nominated for winning the Liebster Award three times … check our bad selves out!!

More recently U Travel Share nominated us, so a huge thank you to you guys! I think it’s time we embraced it and answered some questions!


What is the Liebster Award ?

It's a bloggers award where we have to answer 11 Questions, share 11 fun facts and then think up 11 new questions for who we think to be the next big bloggers on the block...
Winning The Liebster Award

So here it goes...


1. How would you define a perfect trip?

Ooo, starting with a tough one! “Adventurous”, we’re always at our happiest when trekking into the wilderness, whether that’s through a mountain range or into a jungle. We love to be off the beaten track, discovering new thing in the wild. Throw in a breathtaking sunrise or sunset and some great local food and we couldn’t be happier.


2. Why did you start your blog?

Aside from a small compact camera, we had been tech free travelling for years,  so we were quite an unlikely couple to start a blog! There is a bit of a story to it, but a huge factor was so many people asking us for ideas and tips for travel. With us getting to really obscure places and always on an impressively small budget, people were always asking how, so we thought we would start to write it all down. We love to help other travellers discover the world for themselves!


3. Which three locations do want to go to next?

Cuba, Iceland and Uzbekistan.


4.  What amazing food dishes have you encountered in your travels?

We find dishes cooked by local families are often the best, and have had some incredible homemade meals in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. I think Malaysia is one of our all time favourite foodie Nirvanas! We wrote about it in ‘Getting Fat in Penang’ and the getting fat part was no joke! Penang is a foodies dream! If you try one dish, try Asam Laksa


5. Best country have you visited? And why?

Na! Can never answer this! Our hearts are in Cambodia, our stomachs miss Malaysia and our souls miss the glorious views and intrepid adventures of Patagonia, both Argentina and Chile!


6. Apple, Samsung or Huawei?

Used to be Apple all the way, but starting to have a lot of reasons to love Samsung


7. How did travelling change you as a person?

It is still changing us both! Life never stops teaching, so you should never stop learning!


8. What is one thing you really like about the city you come from?

Emma doesn’t really have a home city, but Pete is from Sheffield in England, a place we both love for the beautiful and adventurous Peaks that are always offering somewhere new to bike, climb or hike!


9. Do you collect anything from your trips?

Memories ... Ahh, *insert cheesy sigh*. … But it is true, we don’t make a habit of buying things, just the occasional item like a singing bowl or piece of art. We sometimes pick up wristbands and Emma has possibly sent too many teapots back to England!


10. What’s the longest you’ve travelled at one time?

We’re 8 Years into our travels. But this has included living in places such as Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and China. Even when we live somewhere we live like backpackers and travel and explore at every opportunity. Even when in England, we love to explore it and approach it like we do travel! Adventure is Everywhere!


11. What is your definition of happiness?

Deep Stuff! We both believe that life is about learning to love. ...When we’re learning we are happy, the world has a lot to teach us and we have a lot to learn, making travel our definition of happiness! lol, see what we did there!  We’re at our happiest when embracing all the phases life has to offer and sharing these moments with loved ones. Laughing till we cry and a kickass mango lassi on Asian beach also go a long way to make everything right with the world again!


china shangarila pete tryon hitch hiking back down pete -adventure travel Winning The Liebster Award
China, Yunnan, Deqin

 Winning The Liebster Award

11 Fun Fact about ourselves

I’m not sure there are 11 fun things about us??? 

  1. The only fruit Pete likes and Emma doesn’t is durian 
  2. We met in Sheffield, collided in Malaysia and fell in love in Cambodia
  3. Emma got through a whole India trip without Delhi Belly (too much info?)
  4. We once hitchhiked on the back of a makeshift tractor along the Tibetan border.
  5. We run a little charity named Love Cambodia to help love, home, educate, clothe and feed children in Cambodia.
  6. We’re both qualified divers, but are yet to dive together!
  7. Emma will eat anything, Pete will eat everything!
  8. Pete got arrested in Kazakhstan
  9. Emma has lived in more places than she has years to her life.
  10. Pete once had to have his entire toenail pulled off without a anesthetic! eeeek!
  11. For some reason 11,000 people have followed Emma’s Instagram account since this time last year! Win!

Globemad Emma Tryon  Instagram Winning The Liebster Award

Our Nominations 

Drum roll please ...

Evan Kristine creatively runs Pretty Wild World, an adventurous and tasty read indeed.

A Brit and and a Southerner are exploring the world one weekend at a time! They sure you just how much you can pack into as little 48 hours if you really do want to see the world. 

Nathan and Issy make up this gorgeous travelling duo who always have a fun, inspirational yet down to earth story to share on Nissy Adventure  

Veronica Windom rocks a travel and fashion blog with lots of great ideas you’ll want to pinch! 

People loving, story telling Lauren Klarfeld is the writer behind Last words for the road 

The Wyld Family come up with all kinds of exciting and affordable family travel ideas, definitely check out what they have discovered in Europe! 

 Winning The Liebster Awad

More Awesome Blogs

The Liebster Award is about discovering new awesome bloggers. There are however already some epic bigger bloggers already out there. We would have loved to have nominated some of our other favourite travel bloggers, such as The Planet D, Adventurous Kate, The Broke Backpacker and Nomadasaurus, but as they are already well and truly established on the block, we can't nominate them, but they are definitely worth checking out!!

 Winning The Liebster Award

11 questions we want to ask the next big bloggers on the block

  1. What is your favourite trek?
  2. If you have one, should people visit our hometown and why?
  3. What 3 things do you always travel with?
  4. If you could go on a dream trip with one person in the world who would it be?
  5. Where would this dream trip be?
  6. Can you name one food you have loved and one food you have hated whilst travelling
  7. Which country would you like to live in and why?
  8. What is your most embarrassing travel moment so far?
  9. If your life was a movie, what would it be called?
  10. Jungles or mountains?
  11. What is your best travel tip for new travellers?

Winning The Liebster Award Winning The Liebster Award Winning The Liebster Award


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