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Who We Are

We are shipwreck surviving, life loving, thrill seeking, adventure chasing, pad thai munching crazy nomads that are now backpacking with our baby. Our followers are an energetic and adventurous mix up of families, couples and solo backpackers.  We’re able to connect with such an epic audience due to our intense and varied travel experiences over the past 10 years.

The immediate Globe Mad family are Emma, Pete and Baby Bodhi. But the more we travel the more our family grows! We are passionate about our followers and truly care about how we inspire and equip them, so please forgive us for being picky about who we work with.


Globemad Adventure Travel logo families

What we have done

This is a mix up of brands we have worked with and publishers and broadcasters we have either written for or been featured with.

 Who globemad adventure travel for families have worked with

Globemad Adventure Travel logo families

What we can do

We are both top degree graduates, but really it’s the world that has taught us everything we know to be useful. With 10 years of travel under our belts, we are well seasoned, but still bursting with energy. Though we may appear care free on our travels, behind the scenes we are busy little worker bees with a lot of integrity.

We go beyond exposure. As we only work with experiences, destinations and brands we believe in, the ones we do work with, we do so with passion and creativity and often over a longer term as this is the key to any potential adventurer and traveller actually taking action and engaging with what you offer.

Press Trips

Lets get people excited about what you offer! We produce high quality materials to use indefinitely yourself as well as promote what you do to our own audience. We always take time to creatively explore and bring to life what makes a place or experience special. Please read about our launch package and brand boosting for more of an idea of what this could include.

Launch Package

If you have an experience, place or product you want to launch or revamp to a new audience we can create an audience engagement package that can includes a professional photo journey, 360 footage and photography, aerial footage and photography and creative targeted write ups.

Brand Boosting

Instagram stories, twitter chats, 360 videos, Instagram live videos, Facebook live videos. niche viral videos, impact blogs and intentional brand placement in photos throughout a range of relevant articles and social media posts. We can offer a combination that best suits you and your brand.

Brand Ambassadors

Similar to the brand boosting, but a longer term partnership open to the brands that are best suited to what we do with our travel and adventure audience.

Inspirational speaking

Available for keynote and inspirational speaking. We both have our own flavour and both have a substantial experience in public speaking to a huge range of audiences. Our most requested talks are on surviving the shipwreck and a one way ticket to building a home for children in Cambodia when no one else would. We can also speak on living out your dreams, living beyond yourself, long term travel, expat life and teaching overseas.

Freelance Articles

In addition to the Globe Mad website, we do occasionally write for other publishers. We can do so from either our own experiences, a new experience you want to offer or trending topics in the travel and adventure community.

Bespoke Media Campaigns

We run and host a range of social media handles and groups related to travel and adventure. We can focus purely on social media campaigns both short and long term. We have a highly engaged collective reach of 50,000.

Reviews and Recommendations

We offer in depth reviews of travel experiences, package trips, places to stay, places to explore, destinations, transport, and products related to travel, adventure and family. We can do this primarily in blog form but also offer the addition of live broadcasting on social media with links to the in depth blog reviews.

Globemad Adventure Travel logo families

Contact us

This is only a taste of what we can offer. We are open minded, adventurous and creative.

So, if you think you like our vibe and want to connect with our tribe or want us to connect with yours drop Emma an email at emma@globemad.com and we can get people excited about and engaged with you what makes you special.