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World nomads travel insurance review

world nomads travel insurance review

Paying for travel insurance may be the last thing you want to do when you have just shelled out for expensive flights. But is it worth it? The short answer is “yes!”

When you are travelling it is wise to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. If things go really really wrong when you are overseas, you need to know that you have an insurance policy that will help. As shipwreck survivors we are particularly aware of the importance of a good insurance policy. We found ourselves barefoot in Panama having lost all our travel belongings. Unfortunately our insurer (True Traveller) were not going to help at all. After a lot of persuasion they reluctantly paid for flights home for us. They later admitted that they only helped because our situation was going viral on social media!  

For more serious injuries and illness medical fees can be absolutely extortionate, especially if you need intensive care or a special medical flights back to your home country (repatriation). If you don’t have a good insurance policy you may well be putting a huge burden on family and friends if something goes seriously wrong.

Insurance feels like you’re paying for nothing until you lose everything

It is false economy to scrimp on travel insurance and go for the absolute cheapest and then find that they don’t pay out when you need it. It is also not wise to go for the most expensive and assume it is therefore the best. What you want to find is a reliable company who are geared up to helping when you need it the most. And one more thing. Don’t be put off by slow claims processing. The most important thing is that your provider does actually cough up when it counts. We have decided to use World Nomads as our provider and here is why.

Advantages of going with World Nomads

  • They seem to pay out when people genuinely need them. We are talking about more extreme situations in remote countries where people need evacuation and emergency help.
  • You can make claims online whilst you are travelling. If you do need the money sooner rather than later you can get the ball rolling straight away. We didn’t find the paperwork too ominous and our claim was paid.
  • They cover a good range of adventurous activities. If you want to do some higher risk activities you can upgrade your policy.
  • Their standard (basic) policy includes £5,000,000 emergency medical expenses including repatriation when medically necessary.
  • They are very flexible. You can take out your policy when you are overseas (most companies require you to be in your home country when you purchase the policy) and you can also extend the policy when you are away.
  • Ideal for adventurous families: The provide FREE cover for up to 8 dependents in full time education

Disadvantages of going with World Nomads

  • Some travellers find the claims process slow - although this was not our experience
  • Trip interruption is not covered in their standard plan

Top tips

  • Remember to keep your boarding passes, all receipts and medical reports
  • Keep any police reports for missing property. It is also a great idea to take a photo of your packed bag before you travel to prove what possessions you were travelling with.
  • Plan what activities you will be doing on your trip and make sure they are included in your policy cover.
  • Read the policy wording and make sure you know how your policy works
  • Take note of the excess - remember it is only worth making a claim if it is over the value of the excess

Book your insurance here

You can book your World Nomads travel insurance using the table below. If there is more than one traveller then enter the ages of each traveller. 


Staying safe on the road

Finally what about review websites? Read reviews but don’t let them be the final deciding factor.  Remember that people are more likely to go online to rant than they are to report a positive experience. This creates a bias that can skew the results against good companies. Not only that some bad companies now invest a lot of time trying to clean up their public image online with fake reviews. This is called astroturfing because it is like covering bad ground with fake grass! There is a reason that almost all the big travel bloggers recommend World Nomads.

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