9 Epic Ecoholiday Ideas YOU Eco Travellers Will Want to Book in 2021!

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Have you ever been on an Ecoholiday?  Maybe 2021 will be the year you fall in love with it! Many don’t yet know what an Ecoholiday is, so we’re here to share some epic examples to get you excited about eco friendly travel.  As more people are choosing sustainable travel, the options for epic memorable trips that you will never forget are growing.

It is a win win situation as Eco holidays are the best more exciting and authentic way to see the world, whilst having minimal environmental impact.  It’s important to know more about reducing your carbon when it comes to flying and other travel logistics. This blog post however is more about showing you a world of exciting Eco friendly holiday ideas and examples to get you inspired!

What does Ecotourism really mean?

Ecotourism is a much needed shift towards travelling in a way the best cares for and preserves the environment, the local area and the local people.  Choosing more ethical sustainable travel naturally leads to more beautiful nature and culture focused trips that to be honest are just more enjoyable for those who actually love the world! It’s important for us all to be mindful and present contumeliously educate ourselves on Eco Friendly Travel, it really is a journey in itself and if you’re being mindful about it, you’re already heading in the right direction! So let’s jump into some exciting examples of Eco Friendly Holidays!

Eco holidays for sustainable travellers who love ethical animal encounters, ecoholiday ecotourism treks-2
Eco holidays for sustainable travellers who love ethical animal encounters, ecoholiday ecotourism treks
Eco holiday for sustainable travellers who love ethical animal encounters, ecoholiday ecotourism treks

1. Ecoholiday Jungle Adventure Costa Rica

costa rica ecoholiday adventure globemad travel

Costa rica gets its own mention when introducing eco jungle adventures as they are pioneering in the world of eco friendly travel. Costa Rica has stunning natural biodiversity and impressively well developed eco conscious infrastructure set up for ecotourism (It’s pretty and well thought through!).  Though it does cost more than its neighbouring central american countries, you can see why when you explore.

There are loads of great Ecoholiday packages and incredible luxury Eco Resorts with a lot to offer.  The packages and resorts often include jungle treks, volcano hikes, beach adventures, kayaking, biking, jungle canopy experiences and ethical animal encounters.  

But, If you are travelling more independently and on a budget, a great way to start is by finding a great Eco lodge as a base and then build your adventure from there, we have put together a list of the best budget eco lodges in Costa Rica here. Eco holiday packages are great, but if you want flexibility and to keep the cost down, it’s best to book a simple eco lodge or or eco hotel as a base and then design your trip from there.

2. Luxury Ecoholiday Resort

eco friendly ecoholiday resorts bali globemad travel

When we first heard ‘Luxury Eco Resort’ we thought it was a paradox, but it really isn’t!  Before better understanding Eco friendly travel, We presumed the only way to a keep low carbon footprint minimise environmental impact was to go small and simple. But there are some stunning pioneering luxury eco resorts all over the world.  Even though they are large complexes, they are developed to protect and help sustain the local environment, whilst creating ethical work opportunities for locals.  

It really is possible to create a dreamy relaxing and natural environment that is truly Eco Friendly. Often these resorts submerge you in natural beautiful jungle, forest and ocean settings, are built using natural materials and everything from what you eat to what you bathe in is organic.  These Ecoholiday havens have developed a beautiful balance synergising caring for both the environment and you.

Many offer local excursion, but often they create such blissful environments you will want to stay.  

The only downside, is of course the cost. That said, we have made an epic list of 12 Best dreamy Luxury Eco resorts around the world that you should check out! (you guessed it …COMING SOON)

3. Treehouse Animals Encounters 

eco-friendly animal encounters ecoholiday globemad

This Ecoholiday is perfect for adventurous jungle people who love to encounter animals in an ethical way.  We found the best most beautiful Jungle Tree House nestled away in Koh Sok National park in the south of Thailand.  Their beautiful eco rooms up in trees have some great Tarzan vibes, but the best bit has to be that in the mornings the wild monkeys in the area pop by and even and sometimes even land on the balconies and have a little nosey at you!  Sustainability and the wellbeing of local people are at the heart of Our Jungle House and you can see it everywhere you look.  The locally sourced food they serve is next level delicious and they offer cooking course both kitchen and jungle based!

You can encounter and help care for elephants locally in an ethical way. They have jungle trek experiences, night time treks where you can encounter animals, yoga classes, thai massage, everything to help you venture into and unwind in nature.  There is so much to do here here, you can even stay in a water bungalow over the national park lake! To find out more about this perfect Ecoholiday, you must check out what we have written for you on ‘Our Jungle Tree house stay in Thailand’ to help you make your perfect holiday happen. (COMING SOON)

Like to stay in a floating bungalow ?

If you are in Khao Sok and want to stay in a floating bungalow on the famous and beautiful Cheow Lan Lake it can be a little tricky to know how and where to book. So we have put together a mini guide with examples of all the best options and the best way to book here in our Khao Sok Floating Bunglalow blog post.

4. Patagonian Ice and Mountain Trek 

eco friendly ecoholiday trekking Patagonia globemad

Push yourself to your limits exploring the breathtaking South American religion of Patagonia. This Ecoholiday is definitely for the more adventurous travellers!  We dreamt of exploring this part of the world for years and it didn’t disappoint! This may actually be the most beautiful place in the world! Once you set off on a trek, every day is filled with beauty and adventure as far as the eye can see.

The treks around Torres del paine are set up for both camping and eco lodge stays along the trails and range from 1 to 10 day options.  You can trek independently or join some of the responsible local eco tours. Erratic Rock are a great local company who can help with both booking tours and campsites, we used them just to rent gear and they were great.

Where possible and to avoid overtourism, it is best to take the trail less trekked and in Patagonia there are many alternative treks for those who want something on the wilder side, both El Chaltén and El Calafate have some stunning alternatives.  

If you are interested in a glacial walk or ice climb there are local ecotourism companies offering safe low impact education and adventure based tours, all technical gear can be sourced locally for both  mountain and ice trekking. We have written a full very honest review of our ice climbing experience and included everything you need to know to book your Patagonia glacier climb independently at the best price.

5. Bicycle Adventure Ecoholiday

bicycle ecoholiday adventure

An exciting adventurous way to truly connect with local culture, whilst greatly reducing your carbon footprint is to take a bicycling Ecoholiday.  There are a few ways to approach this idea. One way is to stay in one place for a week, rent a bike and look up local maps to create bike routes; this works very well in European cities like Copenhagen that have a lot to see.  Another option is to plan a cycle route between two major places over the duration of your holiday, this is a popular option across places like Vietnam and best done if you have around 2 weeks.  Both of these options can be done both independently and through tour companies all over the world.  

Naturally this style of Ecoholiday gets you outside in the fresh air, it helps you get to places you would never normally get to, so you often find there are no other tourists around the areas you get to.  We find you often meet locals and stumble across little independent cafes, shops, scenes and moments you otherwise wouldn’t by car or even on foot 

6. Eco Glamping Getaway

eco friendly glamping ecoholiday uk

Glamping trips and yurt stays are a fun beautiful way to get some nature time whilst still keeping a few home comforts.  The UK has an impressive amount of Eco friendly glamping options.  Essentially, most glamping is Eco friendly by nature, especially if you do it as a staycation.  Often situated in nature in simple builds with low energy usage.  There is a great culture in England of making them beautiful, creative and comfortable whilst often offering or being close to healthy food options great local eco friendly activities. Who new Ecoholidays were so lush!?

You can glamp and yurt it up all over the world, but some of the very best options truly are in the UK, so we have created an EPIC list of 12 Unique Luxury UK Glamping yurts pods and bell tents.

7. Local Family Home Stay

home stay ecoholiday globemad travel

What is a home stay? Home stays look very different across the world and across budgets.  They are based on staying in a family’s home and are a great way to authentically experience the local culture, whilst helping support the local community of where you are visiting.  Generally the high and more expensive version of a home stay often means staying in part of someone’s home that has been converted for you to stay in and you will probably have a high level of privacy and little interaction with the host family. 

Generally, home stays as you head east, rural and more budget tend to be more immersive. Often the accommodation itself will be quite simple and you will find yourself very much immersed in local family life.  Often you can learn about and help out with daily life; this could include learning to cook or helping with the families trade such as rice farming. It is a great way to genuinely understand and learn about the culture of the country you are in.

Our most unique home stay experience was in a temple in Japan, I get emotional just thinking about it again. If it is something you have dreamed about then you will definitely enjoy our You Tube video on it.

8. Volunteering Trip

voulenteering ecoholiday cambodia globemad

Volunteering is something we are passionate about, have a lot of experience in and want to do what we can to help you find a genuinely meaningful way to volunteer. Often it is the most authentic way to connect with and support a country you are exploring. Often there is so much need in the world, you can truly make a positive difference to local communities and the environment at large.  From helping get clean water to people, to medical aid, to building projects to cleaning the ocean, there are many ways to meaningful volunteer even if you don’t have a lot of time.

Voluntourism is however a deeply controversial and complex topic and if this is something you are seriously considering, please take time to really educate yourself on volunteering in general and any projects you hope to help with in particular. If done well, it is truly a great, loving and helpful way to use your holiday time, truly the most meaningful of Ecoholidays. If done badly, it can do more harm than good.  If you want to volunteer in a way that genuinely helps, start by reading our “guide to volunteering short term”, we’ve put lots of great examples in it to get you started. (Coming VERY soon)

9. Staycations Done Well

Eco friendly uk staycation ideas bush craft fire wales family fun

If done well staycations can be one of the most environmentally friendly holidays you can take. There are a few things you need to know about making staycations genuine Ecoholidays, so we have put together 12 quick tips to help you plan a genuinely sustainable staycation. Where ever you live you will be surprised by all the exciting things people come to do in your country! Because we are from the UK we have written a lot of UK staycations and we were amazed! There was so much stunning natural beauty we had no idea about and crazy cool activities underground trampolining, night paddle boarding and llama hikes. If you are wanting to plan the perfect ecoholiday, a local staycation is great for reducing your carbon footprint!

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